Anonymous asked:
"how come u guys don't update anymore :("

I don’t watch the anime anymore, idk got kinda boring with all the fillers and the animation sucks now. if you want you can submit some screencaps (HQ only) and I can edit them, or just let me know when fillers are over and I’ll start posting again. I’ll post a mangacap for now.

Anonymous asked:
"The caps of this blog are beautiful! Keep it up :)"

thanks! :)

Anonymous asked:
"hi! can i know where you downloaded your naruto (not shippuden) episodes? They are 720p right?"

they aren’t 720p but the quality is p good for an old series.

just scroll down to where it says Naruto (complete) and you can either dl the whole thing or go by seasons (I recommend going by seasons). you do have to sign up for it, though. here’s an episode guide if you’re looking for a specific arc or want to skip fillers.